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One of the most crucial pieces of information to you, the seller, is price. And consequently, one of the biggest benefits of engaging the services of a professional real estate agent is that we can give you an accurate idea of what your home is worth on the open market. We are familiar with your neighborhood. As agents, we walk your street. We can place a value on the proximity of your home to the park or the quality of the nearby schools for your children or the fact that your living room gets coveted southern exposure or know that a light-rail station will be opening up down the street in three years time. All these things have a value that might not be captured in a quick, instantaneous, web-based algorithm. These mathematical valuations are not without merit, but to set a truly accurate price and command the highest dollar for your home, one needs to step into your home with trained eyes.

This is where a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) comes into play. For a free home evaluation and CMA please see the form tab below. After filling out the form, we will be in touch shortly to schedule a time to preview your home. There is no obligation or fee for this service.   




Other seller-related items we'd be happy to discuss with you: 

  • Proceeds. We can give you an idea of what you can expect to clear after closing costs.
  • Marketing your home.
  • Staging. Referrals. 
  • Small Office vs. Large Office decisions.
  • Searching for your next home while selling this home.
  • Tips for getting your home ready to sell.
  • What buyers are looking for.
  • Contractor referrals.